Sunday, September 4, 2011

This is the begining...

This is the beginning of something good ... (I Hope)

How does one person go about finding there way into the real world, past the gates of university and into work land. How do you get a real job without floating of into the abyss of easy to come by, menial jobs standing behind counters, making sales, serving customers.

I wanted to capture my journey right as  I begin to embark upon it, finishing uni and trying to get a 'real' job. it seems imposable as this point but I hope I can look back at this with fond memories. What better way to preserve my journey and connect with other people who were, are or will be in this position.

My name is Nicole (Nikki for short) and I am in my last 8 months of university studying a Bachelor of Design and Communication through the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I a in my last 8 months of uni and I have begun to look into my future and consider were I am going to be in a year or two's time. How does a design student go about successfully making there way into the industry? I hope to find this out and share it with you in the months ahead.

Nikki xx

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