Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't over think it!

I stumbled upon a new website today that addressed one of the most frustrating and important parts of the design process, not over thinking your design.

So how do you know when to stop? Where is the perfect middle between simplicity and meaningful context. It would seem the most important part of the decision making process is to develop your fast decision making skills so how do we get there? In the design world we wont get a month to work on one project like at UNI so I think this is very important to understand and put into action ASAP!!

So the website I found it called 99% and it is awesome and full of amazing content for designers! 

So the article I found particularly interesting is called... Don't over think it! and it talks about how to not over analyse your work.

Here are the headlines:

1. Satisficers vs Maximizers.
Gathering additional information always comes at a cost. We’re better off setting our criteria for making a decision in advance (as in, “I’ll make the call once I know X, Y, and Z”). Once you have that information, make the choice and move on.

2. How less can be more.
We are designed to process information so quickly that “rapid cognition” – decisions that spring from hard thinking based on sound experience – can feel more instinctive than scientific. Trust your gut.

3. The three kinds of intuition.
 We should trust our expert intuition (based on experience) when making choices about familiar problems. But when we need a break-through solution, we shouldn’t be too quick to jump to conclusions.

4. Why we should trust experience. (Any one's experience.)
If you’re wrestling with a difficult decision, consult a friend or colleague who’s been in your situation before. Their insight will likely be significantly more valuable than almost any research.

5. Choosing your battles.
Ask yourself if this decision is really that meaningful. If it’s not, stop obsessing over it, and just make a call!

Check out the full article here- Don't over think it

Do you over think it?
Nikkieve xx

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