Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About me...

A little while ago I did an intensive design workshop with Ken Cato at my UNI and I learned a lot. I am still amazed at how much I learn't in three and a half days! 

The task we were assigned to was to make a series of a4 posters exploring our identity. Looking at what made us who we are, talking to family, finding pictures and documenting passions. I found this to be an amazing insight into myself and made me realise I have what it takes to be a designer.

 To be honest, before this workshop I was seriously doubting my ability to be a designer and now I realise my I was being to hard on myself and I was letting my pessimistic nature leach into my designing as a whole. I was expecting the worst and not giving myself a chance to prove otherwise. I am so glad I gave myself a chance with this and I was so happy with what I came up with in an afternoon! 

Have you explored your identity through design?
Nikkieve x

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